United Business Park is a 23-acre planned office, warehouse and retail development that combines a beautiful, natural setting with a heavily traveled location. The Park offers a large creek and nature trails, plus a highly-visible location on W. Hillsborough Avenue, the main thoroughfare connecting Tampa and North Pinellas County.

United Business Park is located just off W Hillsborough Avenue one-half mile east of Racetrack Road in Oldsmar, Florida. Whether traveling west to the countless beaches on the Gulf Coast, East to the Tampa International Airport, United Business Park’s location meets a full range of needs and desires. Average traffic count is 55,000+ cars per day with numerous amenities nearby including: dining, shopping, sightseeing as well as multiple lodging locations. United Business Park is surrounded by many neighborhood rooftops and includes an onsite fishing pond, Double Branch Creek and nature trails for those who favor outdoor activities.

United Business Park is built with every element in mind for sustaining the environment and saving clients’ money. Our buildings offer unique features including an R38 ceiling system which allows for significant utility savings due to the increased insulation. Our buildings also offer working windows and white paneled roofs. We are absolutely your lowest operating choice for 100% air-conditioned space. All of the buildings within the Park are built using Gramatica’ s Structurally Insulated Paneling System (SIPS).


Benefits of Building with SIPS

  • Exterior wall system provides an R factor of R30 vs. concrete block with an R factor of R1.
  • SIPs construction minimizes the use of dimensional lumber.
  • The high insulate value and tight panel joints maximize the energy efficiency of the structure.
  • The expanded polystyrene in the panel core uses no ozone depleting CFC’s or HCFC’s in the manufacturing process.
  • On site construction waste is significantly reduced with no cutting required in the field.

Each of our 10,000 SF buildings can be subdivided into 2,500 SF units. Each unit can be 100% mezzanine for additional use. Turning ratios have been carefully planned to allow for tractor trailer delivery ease. Ample parking is available and estimated at 16 spots per 2,500 SF unit.

  • Office/Warehouse – 10 – 10,000 SF buildings where each can be subdivided into 2,500 SF units.

Our Location

United Business Park offers the perfect location to any business serving both Hillsborough and Pinellas County!  We are centrally located to all of the following:

1.)          Tampa International Airport – “New vision for Tampa International Airport cleared for takeoff.”  The airports governing board and Hillsborough County have approved the 2.5 Billion dollar expansion of the currently 42 year old airport.

2.)          St Petersburg International Airport – Serving Florida’s 4th largest city, St. Petersburg airport is conveniently located 13.7 Miles from United Business Park.

3.)          Tampa Bay and St Petersburg Port – Two of Florida’s essential ports are located only 15.9 and 27.0 miles from United Business Park.  They generate over 100,000 jobs and 15 billion dollars in economic impact to the tri-county area.

4.)          Clearwater Beach – USA Today named Clearwater Beach, Florida’s number one beach destination!  Clearwater Beach brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area every year.